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Already a private pilot? /Timebuilding

R44 Helicopter time building in the USA

Are you thinking about completing your JAA CPL requirement in the USA? What a great idea!

I recommend you to fit training into your time building, and graduate as a more qualified pilot. During your time building you can for example take an FAA instrument rating, longline-, mountain and NVG (Night Vision Goggles) courses. The FAA IR will make it a lot easier and cheaper to later on obtain a JAA IR.

Before you start your JAA CPL(H) modular training you need 155 hours. 50 of these needs to be PIC, and the other can be dual. (As you probably know you can't log JAA PIC when you log dual)


Helicopter school time building

The FAA instrument rating requirement is 40 h of instrument time. 25 of these hours can be done with a safety pilot the other 15 must be with a CFII.This safety pilot can be a CFI/CFII or another pilot. Usually school or insurance policies require that the safety pilot is one of the schools instructors. The good part is that if you and the instructor agree before the flight that you are pilot in command and that he is not acting as instructor during the flight (only safety pilot), then you haven't received training, you don't enter anything under the dual column in your logbook and you can count this flight time as PIC both according to FAA and JAA. This approach can also be used on other courses and will allow you to fit more training into your time building, and still qualify for a JAA CPL(H) course.

(I believe that the UK CAA unlike the Swedish or Norwegian requires 50h solo for CPL.)