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While planning your budget you can use this XL-sheet.

Helicopter school, Oahu HawaiiInput how many hours and months you intend on the various things, update the rates and add other costs if needed and the document will calculate the total costs.

Don't forget to have a buffer for unforeseen costs. Just like you need insurance in your every day life to protect yourself in unforeseen circumstances, you should have extra funds in this budget. Maybe you fail a couple of check-rides and need to re-take them. In Hawaii the re-checks i took was half the cost of the initial check. Maybe you spend a bit more time in the US than you plan and so on... Fuel prices are always fluctuating, which forces schools to raise their hourly rates at times.


R22 helicopter trainingAs an instructor I learned that the biggest and most common problem in training was fear about not having enough money to complete training. This is something that I was spared from during all my training. If ever in doubt I made an quick estimate and saw that I had a good margin. If you have a good buffer you probably won't need most of it. It will be very helpful for you to know that you and your training will be alright even if some unpredicted things happen.

You could say that you buy yourself confidence and safety by having the extra funds. The cost will be some interest if you get a loan, but it will be well worth it.