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What is a part 141 school? And how is it different from a part 61 school?

R44 training flight to Maui, Hawaii

All flight schools can offer training under Part 61 without obtaining special FAA approval.

The 141 certification is a quality assurance. Part 141 schools are certified by the FAA and have an FAA approved syllabus. The syllabus is a study plan that ensures maximum benefit from your training and the fastest learning. A part 141 school adheres to much more stringent standards than other schools. The Part 141 designation means regular and random FAA inspections of school facilities, aircraft, simulators and training devices, as well as student training records and instructor records. Only part 141 schools can offer you a visa.

Overall a 141 schools is a better school to choose and for a foreign student who wants to receive training, the only legal option. It is important to differentiate between attending a 141 school and training according to part 141. Even though you as a foreign student have to attend a part 141 school you can choose train according to part 61. Part 141 training fits some students better and part 61 fits others.

Comercial helicopters

Advantage with part 141: Some required flight times are less.

Advantage with part 61: You don't have to follow the syllabus exactly. Not as many required hours of ground school.

Some times following the syllabus exactly might not fit you or your training. The syllabus might for example require you to do a solo cross-country flight before you can continue with other lessons. And if the weather in your area isn't good for this kind of flight for couple of weeks the 141 syllabus might require you to wait. Whereas part 61 training doesn't require you to follow a syllabus. Usually schools having an FAA approved syllabus (141 schools) will have you following the syllabus in a general manner even if you choose to train according to part 61. It is usually best to follow the syllabus unless you have good reasons not to.

Part 141 schools offer you the highest possible training standards with an FAA approved syllabus, in well-maintained aircrafts. No matter if you train according to part 141 or choose part 61.