Heli experience


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Planning phase

Planning your helicopter education

The complicated planning phase before attending flight school caused me the most uncertainty. There were many decisions to make; How big of a loan to get? How to get the loan? When should I go? When to buy US dollars and how I should plan for my budget. I needed to learn about what to look for when choosing a school. Although I had already planned to do it, the most difficult thing was to make the final decision, should I really do it?!?! I started having doubts, had I overlooked something? Is there something that I should know that I didn't know? Will I be a good pilot? Will I get a job when I'm done? And so on...



good times in USA

As my departure for the USA got closer, I started to feel really good about it. Some older people told me how brave I was perusing my dream. It felt almost like they thought of me as being done with the training already. It felt strange to get so much praise for something I hadn't even done yet. Looking back, I do understand. I had done all the planning and I had made up my mind. The most difficult part of reaching my goal was behind me. The further I got in training the more I realized this.