Heli experience


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Arriving to Hawaii

helicopter instruction hawaii

Arriving to Kona february 2008 an employee of the flight school picked me up. He gave me a ride to my new home, the flight school's student housing. I'd lucked out. I made the mistake of requesting it late, but luckily they had an opening. I got to share a house with two fellow students, Kyle and Grant. They were already certified flight instructors, and were studying for both instrument and instrument instructor ratings. They were helpful and a lot of fun. I learned a lot from them about living in Hawaii.


Flight school studies The housing was situated in the jungle at about 2 000 feet elevation, where it's cooler than at sea level. This made it easy to get used to the climate coming straight from the Swedish winter. The first evening we went down to the local brewery, the brew pub. There I met students and instructors from the flight school. There was a celebration for a student that had passed his check ride. It was a great evening and I had an easy time meeting new friends.




Kona airport hawaii

My housemates showed me where to get the best deals on groceries and where to get cheap, tasty sushi! They tutored me in my flight studies, helping me with material I didn't understand. Eventually they got hired as flight instructors and later on we became colleagues. I liked student housing, it was fun and cheap! I stayed there until I was done with my private license and moved to Honolulu.