Heli experience


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the School

pilot school in Hawaii


The school was smaller than I expected. The atmosphere was relaxed and intimate. They made me feel very welcome, just like at the student housing. The owner Ben came up and personally welcomed me. I was amazed that he immediately knew who I was and knew all the students by name. After sorting out all of my paperwork, I spent some time getting to know the other students and instructors.



FAA helicopter student above the clouds


Both the flight and ground instruction was individual. I loved the one on one attention. I studied much at the student housing and my instructor checked my individual work. Then he only covered what I didn't understand or had missed. This saved me quite a bit of money.

My instructor, Martin was from Norway. He spoke perfect english and we both could understand each other in our native languages. Swedish and Norwegian are very similar. He was very helpful and became a great friend.