Heli experience


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Spare time in Hawaii

Snowboarding Mauna Kea, Hawaii

When I wasn't studying or at the flight school there were so many fun things to do in Hawaii!

The instructors and students often met up to play sports. We played soccer, American football and other sports once a week. Even the flight school owner Ben would show up and play with us. It was a great way to promote camaraderie.

Afterwords we'd go eat at one of Kona's oceanfront restaurants. We'd have delicious homemade burgers and sometimes a margarita or beer if we weren't flying later that day.


Yet my favorite became surfing, the sport of Hawaiian kings that originated in the islands. Martin and I caught some of Hawaii's famous waves.

Twice we rented a Cessna airplane and flew to other islands where we would rent a car or hitch hike and camp before returning home. We split the cost, so it was pretty cheap. Extremely cheap considering all the great experiences we had.

We went camping on the beach. Sometimes Fabricio, my very good friend cooked a whole pig over the fire, Argentinean style, and sometimes we went surfing in the morning.

lava flow

We also:

- Hiked up rivers and played under waterfalls.

- Went cliff juping

- Snorkling

- Scuba diving

- Checked out the lava flows at night

- Went snowboarding and skiing after surfing in the morning.

- Body surfing and rockrunning

- Hiked and ran in many of the different climates and terrains.

- Catamaran sailing

- Swam in a lava tube

I enjoyed many fun holidays like St. Patricks day, Halloween, Superbowl, etc.