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US Dollar bill

There are different ways to handle the payments to the school. I opened what they call a "valutakonto" (currency account) for USD in Sweden. Then I exchanged most of my loan to USD at the bank and put it into this account. I brought some USD in cash and my Swedish visa check card (betalkort). When I arrived I opened a bank account in Hawaii and got a check card linked to the account. I then transferred part of my money to my US account and payed the training with my US check card. I put a few thousand USD on my student account at the school, after each class the cost was deducted from my student account so that I didn't have to pay every time. I could easily keep track of my spendings at the school by logging in to my student account over the internet.

helicopter flight training costs

In the US i haven't seen banks with the same log in security solutions as we have in sweden. They just use a username and password. I still recommend getting online banking. Just make sure to choose not just a safe password but also a safe username. Never log in to your bank over an unprotected wireless network. If you don't want to use this online banking, get it anyways, choose difficult password and then never log in. It is easier for someone else to activate online banking (which is usually done at the bank web site), than to find out your password, especially if you don't use it.

Bank of Hawaii is rated as one of the best banks in the USA, I recommend them highly. If you pay your training like I did, with my check card, I recommend you to get a card which gives you miles for the costs that you charge to your card. You can then use these miles to get airline tickets for free. Maybe want to go to California or fly in between the islands a bunch of times? These cards usually have a monthly fee of about $2.