Heli experience


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General advice

FAA Flight instructor

Backyard pineapple

If you get a Hawaii driver's license you'll get kama'aina discounts on a lot of things and services. If you don't have a Hawaii driver's license you can get a state ID. Witch is at the time of writing $15. More info about state ID can be found here

I recommend buying most of your groceries at Costco where it is a quite lot cheaper than in regular stores. You just need to pay a $50 fee to become a member. You earn these $50 on savings quite fast. Vegetables and fruits is recommended to buy at the farmers market. Here you find a lot of locally produced, organic, cheap vegetables and fruit.

I was lucky to have pinaples, apple bananas, mangos, coconuts, aloe vera, basil, mint leaves and salad growing in my back yard. Not all at the same time, but at the different houses i lived. Working as un instructor I also got lilikoi or passion fruit from one of my students who had it in his yard.

Supermarkets: In the KTA stores at the big Island you can find locally produced meat and groceries. Also the Sac n' Save stores have some stuff that is produced locally. Safeway is for a lot of items the cheapest Supermarket, but they do not have much that is produced in the islands. You can also check the weekly specials at all the supermarkets online, for more savings. Don't confuse supermarkets with wholesale. Costco is much cheaper than the supermarkets.

It is quite common that people sell fish, fruit and home made food at the side of the road. This is my favorite way of buying fish. Its fresh, cheap and fished by some regular guy. Living in the islands you should also try Lau Lau and Huli Huli Chicken which sometimes also can be bought at the road side.

If you are thinking about getting electronics like an iPhone or new computer it might be a good idea to wait and buy it when you arrive in the US. This, clothes, alcohol and lots of other things are a lot cheaper than in for example Norway or Sweden.