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Drivers license

In Hawaii you can drive on a European drivers license. There is no requirement to get an international drivers license, but it is recommended by the authorities. The police is not required to recognize your foreign license and might even write you a ticket. You probably have to send a photo copy of your license to the court to get the ticket canceled.

You can get more info about international driver's license here

Drivers license is also required to drive a moped in Hawaii. It can be either a car, motorcycle or moped license. Mopeds are allowed to go a bit faster in Hawaii than in the EU: 30 mph this is about 48 km/h.

If you buy a car it might be a good idea to get a state drivers license. This way you will get a cheaper insurance. There is only one written test, it is way easier and cheaper than in Sweden and so is the skill test as well.

Hawaii drivers licence

The costs for my drivers license was:
Written test $1
Instruction permit $10
Road test $10
$5/ year of validity. I got 8 years = $40


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